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  • Michael Kerman

Before You Hit Delete... Think Again!

First, my thoughts and prayers are with everyone trying to stay safe, those impacted both financially and medically by the pandemic and everyone who doesn't have the luxury of staying-at-home (this includes doctors, nurses, police but also sanitation workers and the guy who stocks the shelves in the supermarket!).

Tempers are short. We're all anxious, worried and a little crazed by having to stay at and work from home. I get it. However, I've read a number of social media posts and articles that have a common theme.

  • "If I get another webinar request, I'm going to lose it!"

  • "I'm getting so many emails now... I'm just going to unsubscribe from everything!"

Here's my POV.... Think Again!

My company is important. We solve important problems for our customers. My job is important. As a B2B marketing professional, I'm responsible for helping both our existing and potential customers understand the value our solution bring and how it helps them grow their business and better service their customers.

Unfortunately, the pandemic has made that much more difficult. Some of the common "tools" we rely on are no longer viable. Face-to-face meetings, hands-on workshops and seminars, industry conferences and tradeshows are all not possible. Heck, even the traditional phone call or direct mail to the office won't work since everyone is working from home. As I see it, there are two options. We can either complain and give up, telling ourselves, our colleagues and managers and our customers that we can't do our job because of these constraints. Or we can leverage the digital tools we DO have, including email, conference calls, social media and yes... webinars. I'm originally from New York and we hate to lose, we don't quit and we just keep moving forward.

I'm going to keep providing our customers with insightful content that helps them better understand their challenges, identify potential solutions and figure out what works best. Their business MUST continue to move forward and so does mine.

So, before you delete that next vendor email or webinar invitation or scroll past their blog or social media post, think again. Remember the following:

  • Keep Learning. The pandemic is no excuse for not continuing to learn how to do your job better. In fact, that webinar may just teach you a thing or two you didn't know.

  • Pass It Along. If an email or social media post isn't 100% relevant to you, maybe it is to a co-worker or friend. Helping others do their job is always a smart thing to do.

  • Be Compassionate. Someone's livelihood is behind that outreach and content. Don't be so enraged that they're trying to pique your interest. After all, it's not like they're moving in with you or asking for money.

I hope everyone remains safe, compassionate and connected.

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