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  • Michael Kerman

On to '21

Some thoughts about the year that was and the one that will be:

Twas the night before ‘21

And all through the home

Not a raucous crowd was forming

In NYC, LA or Rome

We’ve had a year like no other

For that I am sure

Isolating and Cleaning

Just trying to endure

No more work home-home boundary

Some say it’s good, others say bad

Lots and lots of family time

More than we’ve ever had

Many of us have stayed focused

And worked virtually non-stop

Some businesses have failed while

Others came out on top

I’ve always been a glass half-full

and voice-of-reason guy

A pragmatic and hopeful realist

For that I do try

I look ahead with hope and best wishes

For the upcoming year

May happiness and health

Replace today’s fear

Thanks to my friends, family and colleagues

For humor, care and deep insight

And I wish you all one last time

A blessed ’21 and peaceful good night!

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