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Final Reflection on 2019

Updated: Dec 25, 2019

With 2020 just days-away, I wanted to share some personal thoughts. Candidly, my first pass at this blog was rather "dark", and why not. There was so much I found troubling and profoundly upsetting in 2019 including:

  • The lack of accountability, ethics and civility of our elected officials

  • The continued indifference to gun violence

  • The speed at which we're willing to judge people based on social media

  • The harm we're doing to our environment

  • The vile and mean things people are eager to say online to strangers

On a more personal note, I was troubled (yet again) by being too trusting, only to have it backfire. People I trusted and counted on either didn't come through... or worse. I was reminded that "Trust is earned in drops, but lost in buckets".

However, it's not like me to end the end year on such a sour note. There were many things that inspired me about 2019:

  • More companies focusing on the customer experience

  • More companies putting values on-par with financial goals

  • Watching the careers of former direct reports blossom

  • Witnessing the amazing progress around 3D printing, prosthetics, cleaning the ocean and more!

  • Joyous family events like new babies and weddings and watching my children embrace "adulting"

Finallly, a few thank-you's are in order:

To my mentors and supporters, thank you for a year of much-needed counsel and inspiration. You have no idea how much I value your continued encouragement and wisdom.

To my skeptics and nay-sayers, thank for another year of challenging me to work harder, learn more and deliver more. Your doubt in my abilities and character fuels my passion to excel and turn non-believers into fans.

Finally, there are those strangers who have gone out of their way to help me. Whether it was fixing unexpected car trouble, giving directions, making a professional introduction or just providing a sounding board, I offer you a very sincere “thank you”. Your willingness to assist with no personal gain helps maintain my faith in humanity and on a daily basis.

Best wishes for a happy, healthy holiday season and a may 2020 be a year of of prosperity, tolerance, kindness and respect for all.

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